Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green by Jay Conrad and Shl Horowitz

Jay Conrad Levinson has just released a book co-authored by Shel Horowitz: Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.

Here are six tips:

1) Make your side of the business less wasteful by lowering carbon footprint, reduce wastage and minimize your use of harmful material and processes.

2) Recogniz
e the growth of people who want to tap into the "green" movement

3) Advertise to this group.

4) If you are a global company show the improved working conditions and the help you have provided to your workers. If you are a local business show how keeping money within the country helps your own community.

5) Speak the truth about your green campaigning and then there is no risk to be accused of "greenwashing" (false green campaigning).

6) Build partnerships that benefit both parties e.g. collaborating with charity organizations.


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